For 2018, some recipes and eating habits are on the rise. All the trends show that now is the time to eat healthy, healthy and healthy foods. The following list proves it, 2018 is a year conducive to culinary good will and not to displease those who pay attention to their line.

Here are 5 of the most popular trends.

Fry without oil
Some foods are low calorie until they are fried, potatoes are good examples. But a very healthy alternative is today. It involves baking the potatoes in the oven, or in a fryer but only with hot air, or using a dehydrator.

This method reduces fat intake without having to go without fries or chips and tastes great.

Vegan cheese
Lean cheeses are among the least caloric dairy products, but they are not worth the vegetables. That’s why culinary advances have created “faux-mage”. If the taste, smell and appearance are very similar to those of real cheeses, it is a product derived from lactofermented oleaginous pur√©es.

It is 100% vegetal and gluten free, a real gift for the body and the silhouette!

Vegetable proteins
2018 seems to be the year of transition to veganism because to fill up on protein, fashion is to consume tofu, nuts and legumes. Even fish, the protein diet food forever, may be dethroned by vegetable sources. keto lean force Side desserts, cakes without eggs are increasingly popular. Sodium bicarbonate is used to make the preparations fluffy.

Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables have always been on our menus since the dawn of time, but this year, they are particularly pushed to the front of the stage. The health and slimming virtues of raw food are constantly convincing. The trend originated in the United States and is now being adopted around the world.

It is true that cooking reduces the nutritional value of a food, so it is a very beneficial trend. This allows you to consume vegetables, starchy foods, and even some meats while benefiting from their original nutritional intake. Warning ! It is important to buy only organic products.

Zero waste
This concerns rather the behavior. Being organic is very trendy in 2018. You have to calculate your ration and eat everything that is edible, including vegetable peels that can be cooked in broth. In the same vein, recycling leftovers and using products that are too ripe or dry are also in the air.


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