This well known method will not make you lose much weight over a very short period of time. On the other hand, followed scrupulously and in the long term, it ensures a measured and regular weight loss, without danger for the health.

How much weight does weight watchers lose, and how long
With this method, weight loss is total tone diet not dramatically fast. Losing 15 kg in one month is not part of the specifications. On the other hand, losing regularly between 500 grams and 1 kg per week is a frequently observed result.

This allows to rely on a weight loss of plus or minus 3 kg per month, and this easier to stabilize than other diets that will start with faster weight loss.

Why the method is effective
The goals in terms of weight loss are reasonable, and they are especially personalized. In addition, this food program takes into account a global approach to food. It’s about learning what and how to buy, how to eat balanced, and how to cook.

The basics of dietary reference calculations, pillars of the whole method, are reputed to be accurate.

How to follow the method?
To follow this program, it is absolutely necessary to take a paying formula. It’s a way to motivate yourself. As well do it and get value for money!

There are three types of accompaniments:
the traditional weekly 45-minute group meetings, supervised by animators of flesh and blood: each of the participants recounts their difficulties and leaves with adapted advice. This is the old original formula;
the equivalent of this formula adapted for the Internet: appeared recently, it allows via a set of interactive tools to follow this diet on a daily basis with access to recipes, guides and testimonials. This is the modern version of the method;
and finally a third formula allows to cumulate the two first, and it is probably the most motivating;
A typical day :
The breakfast will consist of a bowl of skimmed milk, 6 tablespoons of cereals and a fruit;
On the lunch menu there will be a surimi salad with lightened dressing, 1 small slice of bread and a yoghurt at 0%
A snack with two pancakes and a hot drink may be considered;
Dinner should be limited to endive salad, roast poultry and tomatoes, followed by a fruit
Where does Weight Watchers come from?
Originally from the United States, this method born around 1960 is still based on the famous point calculations, which have fortunately evolved since, to take into account new lifestyle habits.

Rather favorably appreciated by the medical profession, the official evaluation reports of the plans consider this regime among the most balanced among the existing commercial regimes in the slimming market. This method is finally classified, still today, among the best methods to lose weight in the United States.


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