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Slimming of the belly with the technique of the string?
How to have a flat stomach and carve concrete abs by using the technique of the string around the waist? By associating it premier diet keto with specific physical exercises.

And, for people who are refractory to the sport, by practicing this method only a few hours a day, while taking precautions to avoid certain pitfalls.

String for slimming belly: instructions for use
A few years ago, in a video posted on YouTube, physiotherapist Sammy Margo explained this technique. It consists first of all to tuck the belly in half, that is to say to contract the muscles to about 50%, then to tie the cord around his waist.

It should not be too tight, but still enough so that it does not slip down. As soon as I release my belly, I feel this kind of lace compressing my waist, which reminds me to order and pushes me to contract my abdominal muscles again.

How to practice to have a flat stomach and muscular?
According to the physiotherapist, we should try to wear this cord all day, at work and at home, standing still, sitting and walking. This soft gymnastics performed daily would provide the same benefits as a series of abs: a flatter and tonic belly.

But it should go slowly at first, the exercise is tiring: start with the practice one hour, then lengthen a little more each day. Subsequently, one could just contract the muscles to only 30%.

Once the belly toned, it would not be necessary to practice a long time, a small regular maintenance would suffice.

Does it really make you lose weight?
Yes, but only in part. In any case, not as much as doing real abdominal and pumping exercises, walking, running, cycling, or using a rower. In addition, said technique must be applied correctly under pain of inconvenience.

For example, some people have an unfortunate tendency to hold their breath for a long time, or to compress their pelvic muscles, which gives them urgent urges to urinate. So, useless this method?

Not at all: used during pull-ups and push-ups, it will make your stomach feel thinner and your abdominals muscular. And nothing prevents to implement it only an hour or two a day, in front of his computer, to test the benefits.

Internet users point out that this should also work by using a belt.

The advantage of concrete abs
This technique also has the advantage of making the heart work, which helps to keep it in perfect health. But most importantly, a well-lined abdominal strap will allow me to avoid back pain and have a good body posture.

According to a New Zealand study, the latter influences mood, self-confidence, and can also affect intellectual performance. premier diet keto reviews Thus, researchers have observed that students holding upright usually get better grades than those who are slouched on their chairs or vaulted.

Poor posture could make the person sad, angry, pushing her to feel sorry for herself or even ruin her libido.

Finally, this technique was in vogue forty years ago with farmers, masons and forensic workers to save them back pain. It was said that the cord was performing a micro-massage and already corrected bad postures.


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