Is it hot to lose weight?

Is it hot to lose weight?
Can being hot can make me lose weight? The question is legitimate to the extent that one associates most of the time physical power trim 1200 effort with slimming. But when we play sports we are hot and we sweat. Does this mean that it is sweat or heat that is responsible for the loss of calories? This is what we will see here.

The K-Way
You may have arrived while running or in a gym, seeing people dressed in a K-Way, a hoodie (by the way, “sweatshirt” in English means “sweat” And a towel around his neck. The goal is clear: optimize the effort to lose as much weight as possible. This is a mistake. In doing so, the body will sweat more than usual, but it will not burn more fat.

Just like the K-Way, some people recommend wrapping the body of cellophane to lose weight. In addition to the discomfort that provokes, the results are non-existent. By using this technique we only lose water, electrolytes, minerals and toxins … On the other hand the fat remains in its place.

The sauna
If the sauna represents a real well-being for the body, it relaxes, soothes, eliminates toxins and relieves pain … once again this technique proves ineffective to lose weight insofar as it only dehydrates your body . In other words, if you lose a liter of water, you will have the sensation of having lost a kilo, but you will actually need a drink to lose all the benefits of the sauna on weight loss.

As you can see, having warm and sweating does not make you lose weight. What is true however is that sweat helps eliminate toxins and thus purify the body. The accumulation of toxins in the body can lead to a responsible deregulation of fat storage. The toxins come from what we eat and drink but also from the surrounding pollution. To eliminate them is to eat fruits and vegetables, to play sports and to drink a lot of water.

The water
Water represents 60% of our total weight. By properly hydrating, better drainage of waste is allowed. When we lose weight, but also because of all the proteins that we ingest, our blood is loaded with waste. The only way to get rid of this waste is to drink water. Most people, out of habit or because they are too worried about the scale of the scales, limit their water use. K-Way, cellophane or sauna makes them feel thinner because they eliminate this water. However, when it limits its water consumption, it finds a way to store itself and then causes water retention. The best way to combat this phenomenon is to drink a lot.

Being hot does not make you lose weight. Sweating is an important phenomenon for the body as it regulates our body power trim reviews temperature and flushes toxins out of our blood. But just sweating without physical activity will not make you lose weight. In a nutshell: only sweat from sport will help you hunt your extra pounds.


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