How to lose weight with the new moon?

In addition to acting on the tides or crops of our gardens, it seems that this star can also help slim down. Some lunar phases are considered favorable times to start a diet.

How to lose weight with the new moon?
Many women experience a keto fit greater sensitivity of their body to the full moon period. During this lunar phase, water  retention is also more frequent. When the moon is decreasing, the body gets rid of excess water more easily.

The metabolism is also influenced by this star. Essential nutrients in the diet benefit the body better during the period between the new and the full moon.

This is the perfect time to focus on vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish rich in omega 3.

The lunar regime in 4 steps
It is a slimming program that will rebalance the body through natural cycles. Throughout this period of succession of lunar phases, the extra kilos are eliminated effectively.

The evacuation of fat is facilitated. In addition to being overweight, toxins are also targeted by this lunar diet. Indeed, the detox is on the program from the beginning of the full moon.

Thanks to fasting and draining drinks, the body eliminates and cleans itself from the inside. Then we go to the attack phase, during the descending stage of the moon. The new moon and the rising moon complete this program.

A diet specific to the full moon
On the eve of the full moon, in the evening, you can begin a water diet but by associating fresh fruit juice for a vitamin intake essential to the body. When the moon decreases, it’s time to move to the attack phase to dislodge unnecessary pounds.

Indeed, the initial detox is used to eliminate water (a loss of 250 g to 1.5 kg on the scale) and toxins but no fat. During this phase, care must be taken to eat a variety of foods but monitor calories.

From the new moon
It is necessary to reproduce at this moment the initial detox or to opt for three days of monodiète either the same day, just before or just after this new moon. Other opinions recommend adopting low calorie and protein menus.


Breakfast: 1 egg or 1 yogurt or 1 slice of ham with 1 slice of wholemeal bread
Lunch: steamed green vegetables + white meat + 1 yoghurt
Dinner: 1 soup of vegetables + 1 egg + 1 white cheese + 1 apple.

In increasing moon phase, it is necessary to maintain this dietary restriction because the recovery of weight is a risk at this time.

In the opinion of nutritionists, this lunar keto fit reviews diet is primarily a diet and it is in this respect that it would lose weight. Anyway, the control of its daily food intake and the occasional detox are beneficial for the body and the silhouette.


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