For your weight loss to be successful, it must be spread over a long period. This is especially true when it concerns a power trim 1200 number of pounds.
Thus, if you want to melt 40 kg without surgery, it seems necessary to provide at least a year for your efforts to be successful.

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During these twelve months, you will be able to lay the foundations of a new way of life, adopt good habits and learn how to cook in a healthy and balanced way.

A program to lose weight to elaborate carefully
Before you start, start making a few rules to slim down and think about how you will put them into practice. So, if you plan on doing sport three to five times a week, how are you going to organize?

Do you have time to exercise in the morning? At your lunch break? Should you find the energy to go out to train after work? Similarly, do you have the opportunity to eat balanced in your workplace?

What equipment is at your disposal (microwave, fridge, hotplates, kettle etc.)? Can you find a light dish near your desk or do you have to prepare your lunch at home?

All these questions are to be taken into account to start your weight loss in a serene way.

Determine your allies … and your enemies
We advise you to shop regularly and always have something to prepare a good meal in your fridge. Indeed, nothing encourages more to order a pizza or go out to buy ice cream and cakes than a fridge shouting famine.

To avoid temptations, fill it with healthy, balanced foods. At the supermarket, put in your cart vegetables and vegetables of all kinds but do not forget also to take defatted ham, fish fillets, chicken breasts, turkey breasts but also legumes, rice and pasta with wholemeal wheat to compose a lunch with satiating virtues.

To make you happy, buy your favorite fruits like strawberries, raspberries or nectarines, flavored waters that you like or cereal bread that you will reserve for breakfast.

Play sports that burn a high number of calories
Some sports, practiced assiduously, allow to see real effects on the silhouette after only six weeks. This is particularly the case of step, a kind of fitness offered in many rooms. A one-hour course burns the equivalent of 800 calories but also firm the thighs, calves and especially the buttocks.

Want to let off steam? Try boxing, an activity that will allow you to burn calories, muscle but also work agility and reflexes. Another activity requiring significant endurance is squash, which burns about 700 calories per hour.

Be careful, these three activities are power trim reviews reserved for people in good physical condition. If this is not your case, start your diet with milder activities like brisk walking, swimming or badminton.

By spreading your diet for a very long time, you can lose 40 kg without surgery.


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