How to lose 100 kg in 1 year?

Losing 100 kg in one year is entirely possible. The most important thing is to do everything possible to achieve this goal, since many people have managed to lose weight. It’s not just a question of nutrition, but the weight loss program must also be combined with regular exercise.

In parallel, you must also consider the tone fire garcinia psychological aspect to avoid any source of stress and pressure. It is indeed crucial to always feel good about yourself at all times.

Focus on a healthy and balanced diet
All plans are not equal, because if some work for others, this is not necessarily the case for you. You need to consider your body and your actual nutrient requirements of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

This helps you compose your menus from fresh and organic foods so that you can actually lose weight without strain. You can also enjoy yourself from time to time to avoid frustration. This could cause a feeling of lack that might cause you to eat excessively.

The success of your diet also depends on your digestive process. If it’s a little slow, the body is struggling to extract the good nutrients it really needs. It is therefore better to boost it with natural methods such as ginger.

You can also focus on fermented foods such as yogurts and cheeses to rebalance your intestinal flora. All of these steps are aimed at promoting better transit so that non-essential food waste can be disposed of faster.

Practice regular physical activity
Sport has been shown to help eliminate excess fat. The latter actually constitute a stock of energy that the body has accumulated over the years. Physical activities can then be spent on the condition of adopting balanced menus and a healthy lifestyle.

Walking is a good exercise to lose weight effectively. You may be short of breath at first, but you will end up improving your cardio and stamina through perseverance. You can also enjoy the benefits of swimming and water aerobics. Effectively, the water lighten your body so that you can perform the different exercises more easily.

As in all sports activities, regularity outweighs intensity. It is important to choose an hour of training three times a week to do two hours of sport every two weeks.

You can actually lose 100 kg in one year by adopting the right slimming program. It consists of choosing the appropriate diet for your body and doing regular physical activity while having fun.


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