How to integrate citrus into my diet?

Want to lose weight while keeping fit? Think of citrus! These vitamin concentrates will give you energy during your diet, for radiantly slim a caloric intake quite minimal.

Citrus in a diet: why?
When we talk about orange or lemon, we immediately think: vitamin C! This is true, but that’s not all: they are also low calorie fruits particularly interesting as part of a slimming program.

A grapefruit pressed (80 kcal) to start the day, two clementines (70 kcal) as a snack: these are examples of good habits to integrate daily to keep the line, and shape.

Another advantage is that the fibers they contain naturally, which promote transit and reduce bloating and constipation problems. Small problem: carbohydrates. Like many fruits, citrus fruits are indeed rich in sugar.

It must therefore be careful not to abuse it. But with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, this should not be a problem.

Recipe: lemon mousse light as a cloud
-2 lemons
-3 egg whites beaten in snow
-250 g of white cheese 0% fat
-2 gelatin sheets
-30 g of agave syrup (or 50 g of sugar)

Soak the gelatin in cold water.
Squeeze the lemons. Keep some zests.
Drain the gelatin and melt it in the slightly heated lemon juice.
Mix the cottage cheese, the agave syrup, and the cooled lemon juice.
Gently stir in beaten egg whites.
Put in fresh ramekins for 3 hours. Decorate with zests.

Detox and other benefits
Friends of our diet, packed with vitamins, our oranges, lemons and other clementines are also excellent detox products! Full of resources, orange is detoxifying, and like grapefruit, contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Excellent for our health, grapefruit is moreover in more than one way: good for the heart, for the problems of cholesterol, slimming food facilitating the digestion … it has everything to please! Including extracts of seeds that kill bacteria!

Fruits from Asia
Originally, all these fruits, from the citrus family, are native to South East Asia. Brought back to the Mediterranean basin since Antiquity, these exotic fruits have found favorable conditions to develop there. They were appreciated for their fragrance, their taste, but also their medicinal properties.

They were then successfully imported to the American continent, and today represent the world’s leading fruit production.

Lemons, oranges, clementines, grapefruits, but also kumquats, lime, pomelo, tangerine … these fruits with yellow or orange bark, juicy and acidulous, are full of benefits to accompany us on a daily basis in our diet. So, why deprive yourself?


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