How to do dominated from scratch: Beginner Level

Have you started exercising for the first time? You have probably read or seen multiple videos in which most routines involve exercises such as dominated. So basic movements in all the beginners muscle building routines, but at the same time they are so complex to execute impeccably.

And of course, if to carry them out it is necessary to have a complete command of body weight, which can be achieved with levels of force higher than the average, as well as a percentage of low body fat. Such is the minimum of requirements that for many may seem a mockery the simple fact that they are included in the plans for the gain of muscle mass at the beginner level.

However, the reason for this is because the dominated involve different muscle groups such as the dorsal and biceps, rvxadryl allowing the development of the back and arms with a single exercise. This makes it so excellent for people who have never trained and therefore, we do not recommend the practice of Weider routines, as explained in the article on Full-body Routine and its effectiveness to gain muscle.

If you have proposed to exercise and your biggest obstacle is the dominated, do not worry, that like the push-ups, to reach to perfect the dominated, you must go progressing little by little, including similar exercises that will help you to work same muscle groups but with less weight.
Progression in the push-ups

Remember that the dominated exercises are highly demanding and require a perfect execution technique to avoid injuring the muscles involved or cause any chronic damage that would not normally be involved during the movement, such as the shoulders, which are not prone to injury Yes, they can accumulate enormous stress over the years if they are not carried out properly.

Although the dominated exercises are exercises that require some preparation, there are variants of it that will allow you to continue progressing once you have perfected the traditional, although that is a topic to address in another article, because in this, we will focus on the domain of same, starting from scratch.

Continue reading and learn to make your first perfect dominated so that your goals are closer and closer as you progress in the wonderful world of fitness and healthy living.
Inverse tilted remo

In the same way that we did with the push-ups, we will see the progress of the pull-ups as a ladder on which to advance until we reach the top. The first step is the reverse inclined oar. You can do it directly in the gym or in the park of the colony, because for this you will need a bar.

Adjust the bar at chest height, hold the bar with your hands in pronation grip, that is, with the palms of your hands pointing outwards. Next, bring your legs forward, so that they are fully extended just like the arms.
Hold the position and then bring the chest forward with the help of the arms. Try to raise the chest as much as possible and keep your back completely straight at all times.
Return to the starting position and repeat.

Eccentric Dominate

Once you can perform up to 10 repetitions of reverse rowing inclined without dying, then you are ready to climb to the next step. In this case, it is necessary to give way to the eccentric dominated or negative dominated.

As you can imagine, at this point you are going to make a movement more similar to the common dominated and for this you will need a pull-up bar or a strong enough bar that you will surely find in the park.

Stand in front of the bar with your back straight and try to reach it with a jump high enough so that the chin of the chest is above it.
Next, we will give a focus on the eccentric part, careful that the descent is done in a controlled manner. To do this you must support the arms and lower in a time of 3-5 seconds until they are fully extended.
Once we are down in its entirety, we will repeat the movement that goes from the jump to the controlled descent. If you want to gain more strength, then you must control more and more the negative part, prolonging the time of the movement.


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