The benefits of tea on health are innumerable. This famous natural drink in Japan is also a slimming ally. Still must choose it!

Which tea to drink to lose weight?
The most important element to consider premier diet keto when choosing a tea as part of a slimming diet is its catechin content. These molecules of the family of flavonoids are widespread in tea leaves.

They give this plant its exceptional ability to increase energy expenditure and burn fat. According to recent studies, catechins also affect the distribution of fat in the body.

In addition, the study conducted by the Shanghai Medical School has shown that catechins act on abdominal fat. At least 886 mg / day is required to observe significant weight loss and waist circumference.

Its caffeine content is also an important point for choosing a tea to lose weight. Like catechins, L-Theanine in tea has a positive effect on metabolism. In sum, green tea holds the palm of the best ally for losing weight thanks to its exceptional content of catechins and caffeine.

What kind of green tea to drink to lose weight?
The slimming actions of this type of tea are well established. By regularly consuming this tea, sold in sachet or in bulk, the metabolism regains its tonicity and the level of the basal metabolism increases. This explains why this tea stimulates weight loss.

It should be known that the different species of this type of tea available on the market do not have the same chemical properties. To quickly get rid of your extra pounds, it is best to eat different types of Japanese tea daily.

Preparation: Cooking this type of wok tea is significantly more effective in slimming down. To stimulate weight loss, Bancha, Gyokuro and Sencha are the three main teas recommended. Drink Gyokuro in the morning, Sencha in the afternoon and Bancha in the evening. You can drink them as an infusion or incorporate them into your recipes.

And the Matcha?
Matcha is a green tea powder with exceptional health benefits. Considered a noble dish in Japan, it is renowned for its particularly powerful medicinal properties, as it is ingested entirely contrary to traditional infusions.

This tea variety contains 137 times more catechins than the others. To make the most of its virtues, enjoy it in the morning. You can drink 2 to 4 per week. To vary the pleasures, enjoy it as a smoothie by mixing it with rice milk, a half organic lemon and a little coconut.

In this form, you can drink it every day. As part of a dieting, you can alternate Matcha with lemon tea, mint and honey. Or why not a lemon juice and ginger?

What about Oolong tea?
To get rid of bumps, you have to bet premier keto diet reviews on supplements that can increase energy expenditure by burning body fat. This is the case of Oolong tea. Several studies have shown that its consumption can burn, on average, 67 more calories per day. A significant amount!

To lose weight with tea, start gently with Bancha or Sencha Karigané. As you go, gradually increase the dose and go to Sencha for a more effective result.


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