How to calculate Weight Watchers smartpoints

The Weight Watchers (WW) program is one of the most popular among those looking to lose a few pounds.

SmartPoints (sp) are among the tools available to members of the program. They allow to better control the weight loss while having fun. How are these sp?

A diet focused on points, not calories
The calories are numbers and nothing more. More concretely, there are different ways to benefit from the same energy intake. The key is to know how to make you happy.

As an example, a chocolate cake that equals 11 sp brings the same 290 kcal as a breakfast of 4 Smartpoints composed of:

1 boiled egg,
1 natural yoghurt,
40 gr of rye bread,
1 coffee
150 gr of fruit salad.
It is obvious that there is one dish more nourishing than the other.

How is the list of points established?
The SmartPoints unit is divided into two categories: the daily budget and the weekly sp budget. The count is made by tools available on the Internet.

Daily and weekly SPs are counted based on keto blast your profile. For example, your height, weight, gender and age are important to integrate when using the calculator.

An adjustment is made according to your evolution. In other words, your plan will be less drastic if you use your SP budget wisely, thus promoting proper weight loss.

The tracking is done through an application to install on your Smartphone. Note that if you do regular physical activity, your Smartpoints budget may vary. The simple fact of doing your shopping on foot can already help you lose a few pounds.

The weight watchers program has hundreds of foods at zero points. So you can enjoy them without having to worry about how much to eat. Tofu, eggs and natural yogurt 0% are among these foods to eat without moderation. The same goes for fish, corn and chickpeas. Side desserts, all fruits are allowed, including banana.

Learn how to manage your smartpoints for an effective menu
A “budget” is allocated to you every day. You are free to spend it as you please, the main thing being not to exceed it. Imagine that you have a total of 23 smartpoints to spend. You could spend it as follows:

breakfast: fruit salad and eggs (2 sp)
breakfast: ratatouille, grilled chicken and wheat seeds (13 sp)
snacks: pancakes and peach compote (2sp)
dinner: leek fondue with cream and grilled bib (4 sp)
In the end, you save 2 SmartPoints, which are reported on your weekly SP budget. So you could make small differences to taste foods that you particularly like.

The online tips and app give you very specific guidance on how to comply with your personalized program. Also remember to attend workshops to share and learn more about MS.

Smartpoints, does it work if I’m pregnant?
The weight watchers program is not suitable for pregnant women. During this period, it is better to contact a specialized doctor who will tell you the menus adapted to your needs as well as those of your baby.

After delivery, it is advisable to wait 4 to 6 weeks before resuming your program. If you are breastfeeding, wait until the baby is weaned because he has needs that are not necessarily taken into account by WW programs.

The weight watchers program is not a diet per se, but a food rebalancing solution. The Smartpoints at your disposal are calculated in a personalized way and spend themselves according to your desires.


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