Comparing BB Creams (light and oily skin): Skin 79 vs Missha Cho Bo Yang vs Garnier

For several years I have been faithful to the same BB Cream (Missha Cho Bo Yang), but lately I kept wondering, what if  there is a better one? What if I’m missing something? so I decided to try other BB Creams and compare them with each other.

These are the BB Creams that I have been testing:

1. Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm

2. Skin79 Silky Green Super Plus Beblesh Balm

3. Skin79 Vital Orange Super Plus Beblesh Balm

4. Skin79 Moisturizing Purple Super Plus Beblesh Balm

5. Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen BB Cream
6. Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream by Garnier

7. Cho Bo Yang (Golden Snow) BB Cream of Missha

Do you want to know how it went with them? Will they outperform my favorite BB Cream? To know more, you just have to keep reading.

Once the presentations are made, I would like to start by telling you how my skin is and what I value the most in a BB Cream. After this, I will go on to show you the swatches and tell you about my opinion and experience with each BB Cream, and finally, go on to do my personal “ranking”.

This entry promises to be long, so if you want to skip the roll, you can see the swatches and go directly to the final ranking.


A few years ago I’m over 30, but I still have acne and blackheads. My skin used to be oily, although lately I have it much more controlled.

In addition, I have a few imperfections: acne marks, redness, some stain, open pores, incipient wrinkles … a bargain, come on.


That is not fat.

Make it a fairly clear tone

that is based well with my skin, unifying it and giving luminosity. Many of the BB creams and bases that I have tried I do not like them because they are too dark and I notice an “orange mask” effect (this is the reason why I like the Korean BB Creams more, since it is easier to find my tone ).

That is opaque and covers the imperfections well.

Have sunscreen, if possible high: I like to be protected from the sun but I have not tried a facial sunscreen that really convinces me so far. With the BB Cream I no longer have to worry about this (yes, if we are going to be a long time in the sun we have to keep in mind that the protection does not last all day, but we would have to renew the BB Cream every so often. than with other sunscreens).
It is true that it is not as orange as I originally feared, but this tone is not for me. In addition, it is little opaque and does not disguise well my imperfections.

To make matters worse, it leaves my skin too bright and feels greasy.

This is clearly the least liked of the 7 BB creams. I have only used it a couple of times and both of them I removed my makeup after a while, so I can not tell you much more.

Regarding sun protection, I do not know if it has, at least in the package is not indicated.


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