It is now very fashionable to boast, with scientific studies to support, new techniques that would help to lose weight. Not always very reliable, some studies even go so far as to adapt their figures to the desired result, premier keto in order to help manufacturers to better sell their miracle products. However, the technique of cold shower, especially touted by the new followers of “cold therapy”, does not risk too much hole our wallet. But what about the effects of the cold shower on the weight?

Does the cold shower make you lose weight?
Indeed, with water between 0 and 18 degrees, the body should provide 24 times more energy to maintain 37 degrees. It would therefore burn some calories. In addition to firming the body, cold water would also eliminate some fat. However, we should not expect miracles, but use this method in addition to a suitable diet.

The advantages and disadvantages of the cold shower
The idea of ​​a cold shower probably repels many and you may say to yourself: “I’m sick of having to always suffer to be beautiful or beautiful, I’m still not going to get sick to lose weight ! “. Fortunately, it is not a question of staying too long under cold water, it would not be recommended for your health, but to go gradually. In addition, you can alternate hot / cold, this method would help burn some calories and reactivate the neuro-vegetative system and therefore the stomach, which would promote better digestion. Cold showers are not suitable for people with heart problems, fever or hypertension.

The many virtues of cold water
Before our modern societies appeared, our ancestors used only cold water for washing and, according to Father Kneipp, the latter would have many virtues for the body! This German abbot suffering from tuberculosis, developed, from 1847, a method of care based on cold water: hydrotherapy, in order to self-care. With his self-healing, he discovered that cold water would strengthen the body’s immune system. Thus, not only cold water would help fight against migraines, stress, insomnia, heavy legs and stomach pain, but it would also promote the condition of the skin and hair, fertility, as well as the elimination of fats and some calories.

Cold therapy
In the tradition of Father Kneipp, Dr. Jack Kruse now advocates “cold therapy” to lose fat. The latter claims to have lost through premier keto diet reviews his methods 35 pounds in 3 months! Nevertheless, faced with such statements with miraculous accents, perhaps it is better to stick to a few cold showers from time to time to firm his skin and give himself a little boost!


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