Does lemon sorbet make you fat?

Sorbet is one of the least calorie snacks that exists. This homemade ice cream can only contain water and fruit. But it is when it is bought in supermarket that it is necessary to watch the rate of the sugar: sometimes a sorbet will be more caloric than an ice cream with fat!

Lemon sherbet, an ally during the diet?
If you want to lose weight by eating lemon sherbet, it is like drinking lemon sugar water (glucose). The satiety index of lemon sorbet is very low: no digestion. While your body will not receive any trace of fat but no protein, it will have absolutely nothing to transform into energy!

So your body is going to tap into your muscle mass and weaken you instead, as part of a balanced diet, to feed the muscles and lose fat. Lemon sorbet for dessert does not gain weight.

But consumed in large quantities is like swallowing liters of soda: Rapid Tone it amounts to swallowing mountains of fast sugars and there is disaster!

Easy recipe of light lemon sorbet with Thermomix:
For a liter of sorbet which corresponds to 20 balls:

200 gr of lemon juice
350 gr of sugar
400 gr + 250 gr of water
1 egg white
Put 400 gr of water in the bowl for 5 minutes speed 3 at 100 ┬░.
Add lemon juice and 250 gr of additional water.
Finally add the egg white 3 seconds to speed 4.
Pour this mixture into the bins used to make ice cubes. Cover with clingfilm and freeze for 8 hours.
Before serving, unmold the cubes in the bowl, mix 30 seconds speed 9 then finish with the spatula for 30 seconds at speed 4 and serve in cuts immediately.

For a more bitter dessert, you will bring exoticism by realizing it with lime. You can also use liquid sweetener for a sugar free ice cream.

Does sherbet make you fat?
2 balls of sorbet provide on average 120 kcal while for ice cream, it is 180 kcal. Without egg, cream or milk in the sorbet, there is no fat and no fat. (The advantage is for pregnant women who can use it safely without bacteria during pregnancy!) 100 gr of sorbet consist of only water (63%) and carbohydrates (37%). It is not fattening by its calorie content but because of fructose and its high sweetening power: beware of storage!

If you follow the Dukan diet, know that lemon is only tolerated in seasoning until you reach your weight goal where you can enjoy. For Weight Watchers, a lemon sorbet ball is 0.5 points.

Thus, lemon sorbet is not fat in the sense that it is not a satiating solid food but a refrigerated sweet liquid. Just do not overdo it too often!


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