Do light drinks make you fat?

Since its inception, the light drink is presented to consumers as a drink with reduced sugar content and therefore as a drink that does not make you fat, but many recent scientific studies tend to show the opposite.

Drinks not really light
Industrialists have imagined these low calorie drinks to meet all critics who denounce the excess sugar in soft drinks. keto go For this they have used sweeteners such as aspartame or stevia which have a sweetening power while being devoid of sugar and therefore calories.

Drinks that help to lose weight so. In theory. In reality these drinks have a pernicious effect as demonstrated by several scientific studies. These drinks want to make believe in our brain that we have consumed sugar but it is not fooled and thus the brain stimulates the appetite so that we consume sweet foods.

This type of drink therefore favors the consumption of solid foods, more than other soft drinks that are sweet.

Drugs harmful to health
Whether you diet or not, these low-sugar drinks are harmful to your health because they increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Under the pretext that they are supposedly sugar-free, people consume more sugar, absorbing a lot of sweeteners and other substances harmful to health.

Sweeteners increase appetite, create addictive addiction, and cause many disorders: mood disorders, sugar crises, hypoglycemia attacks in diabetics …

One light drink: water
Sugar-reduced drinks are not an alternative to standard beverages. Like the latter, they help to disrupt our metabolism and cause serious chronic diseases over time.

They are therefore formally inadvisable. During your pregnancy, avoid consuming it because it hurts the fetus. Avoid using it too if you are breastfeeding and usually in everyday life.

You will do all the better. In fact the best and the only drink really devoid of sugar is water. The only one you can consume at will, whatever your situation: if you are on a Dukan diet or another diet, if you are an athlete (bodybuilding or any other sport), if you are pregnant or if you want to fight cellulite.

And if you want to vary your drinks, keep in mind that a homemade fruit juice is always better than an industrial drink.


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