Unlike some areas of the body such as the belly, hips, arms or thighs, losing weight is a different process and is not shark tank weight loss guaranteed every time.

So how? It will not be fitness exercises or sports strictly speaking. Here it will be possible to refine your lips but not necessarily to make them lose weight as such. You will need to adopt several reflexes.

Facial gymnastics to slim down lips
1 – Make an exaggerated smile in front of a mirror. Close your lips and adopt a smile as wide as possible. Act as if you were trying to touch both ears with the corners of your mouth. Keep this position for about 10 seconds then relax. In this way, you muscle your face by reducing the volume of your lips. This exercise is to be repeated a dozen times each day.

2 – Make a natural smile, your lips closed. Then suck your cheeks as well as your lips inward. This is the so-called “fish face” exercise. This facial exercise will help you refine your face and your cheeks while erasing the curves of your lips. Keep this position for about 7 seconds and relax the muscles in your face. Repeat this exercise a dozen times a day.

Slimming cream for thinning lips
Slimming creams are very easily available on the market. Apply directly to the face at night and day, they work by breaking the fat deposits in the hypodermis and promoting the elimination of fat while smoothing the skin and fluidifying the blood.

A good slimming cream is usually composed of caffeine – about 5% – which will allow excellent penetration into the skin and act on the adipocytes, helping destocking fat cells.

To apply your cream, you must make specific gestures. Put a nut on the tip of your finger and massage your lips, emphasizing the areas you want to thin. Repeat this gesture about ten times. The best is to heat your cream a bit in your hand before applying it on the lips.

A healthy and balanced diet
In general, to slim down the body and thus the face, adopt a healthy and balanced diet and play sports are two recommended solutions. All fatty and sugary foods will be replaced by foods rich in fiber and trace elements in particular. Alcohol will also be avoided because it is very caloric.
However it is important to know if the volume of your lips is due to weight gain or morphology.

If it is about your morphology, dieting will allow you to lose fat in the face and of course the body in general but will not affect your lips. If you still want to lose weight despite this, the only solution will be surgery. You can also opt for special makeup techniques to hide some of the volume of your lips.

Lose lips do not necessarily go weight loss shark tank without saying. Indeed, if your lips have grown because of a fatty mass, it will be possible to act by adopting particular habits. However, if it’s just your morphology, it’s a safe bet that you can not lose this specific part of your face.


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