5 tips to lose belly

Are you tired of fighting to close your jeans? Do you feel the fat under your fingers pinching your stomach?

Here are 5 tips for losing belly fat, keeping max pro 1000 in mind that you are going to lose weight everywhere.

A flat stomach while eating more protein
One of the first reflexes to lose belly fat is to increase the share of protein in your diet. Start at breakfast with eggs accompanied by vegetables (spinach for example) and lentils.

This first reflex will not only increase your satiety, but you will lose weight, and therefore belly, after a few days of change.

Ideally, this meal base of protein, legumes and green vegetables should be repeated throughout the week, with each meal.

You will see your belly “melt” at the same time as your other fat deposits … and without losing muscle or hunger, thanks to the strength of protein!

Stop the sugar
Even if we speak of “fat” or “fat” for the belly or thighs and arms, this storage is directly related to your consumption of sugar (s). When your blood sugar goes up, the body tends to store fat.

This means that if you eat a dish with olive oil but do not consume sugar at the same time, you will not tend to store!

To lose belly quickly, stop drinking alcohol, fruit juices, fruits and all sources of sugar in general, which includes chewing gum, sweets and drinks graded “no sugar”.

Stay hydrated
Drinking a lot of water is important. max pro 1000 weight loss If you do not have the reflex, prepare a bottle of water to take everywhere with you. Add 2 or 3 cups of green tea to your daily routine, as well as organic infusions from the end of the day.

Test intermittent fasting
How many meals do you need to lose belly fast, do you think? It all depends on your metabolism and your physical activity.

But to sustainably attack the fat of your body, it is interesting to test the fast (or diet) intermittent, which consists of eating only in a “window” of a duration of 8h to 12h according to each person.

Intermittent fasting is not intended for the diet, because its health benefits are numerous. But it will help you achieve your weight loss goals and naturally regulate your diet.

Play sports
Do not focus on abdominal weight training until you have lost a bit, because you may panic when you see that your belly looks rounder and thicker (the muscles pushing the fat from below).

Privilege HIIT and endurance training. Do not neglect bodybuilding because developing your muscles will also increase your metabolism. This means that eventually your body will burn more calories, even when you are inactive (-ve).

And now, good luck and it’s up to you!


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