5 exercises to lose weight of the face

Exercises targeted on the facial muscles allow to lose weight of the face. In addition to refining the face, these exercises will help strengthen our skin which will cause a general effect of rejuvenation.

These weight training exercises must be combined with regular massages. These massages can be done with the tip of the fingers or a small special device.

Specificities of the exercises to have a thin face
To thin your face, it is necessary to perform different exercises. Each of them targets a different part of our figure: the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the cheekbone, the chin or even the double chin or the neck.┬áketo go dragons den These re-education exercises that will tone up our little face can be done at any time, when you’re at the office, preparing a meal or driving your car.

Some exercises to correct an inflated face
– The jowls
They are between the cheekbones and the lower jaw. To refine and carve a new outline of your jaws, it is necessary to lower the ends of the lips down, as if one was pouting. This movement pushes the lips forward. Hold for 7 seconds, then release. Perform ten times this tension, release and redo a series of ten.

– The double chin
To lose that fat pocket that coats your throat and hangs under your jaw, you can do different exercises. Here is a very simple to achieve. Sit with your back straight. Lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lower lip and close your mouth without changing position. Make two sets of ten identical movements and relax.

A younger look with relaxation exercises
To have a thin and attractive face, it is also possible to do yoga and Pilates slimming exercises.

– Eyelids and forehead: open your eyes, fix a point in front of you and raise your eyebrows. No wrinkles should form on your forehead. Hold for five seconds then release. Repeat a dozen times.

– Eye Contour: Place your index fingers on the outer end of your eyes and gently pull the skin upwards with an asymmetrical movement. Repeat a dozen times. This exercise also has an anti wrinkle effect, because it reduces the risk of crow’s feet formation.

– Pockets under the eyes: they give a look puffy to your eyes. These pockets are common in men who sleep poorly and little, smoke or consume alcohol. To eliminate them, it is advisable to slowly and gently massage the pockets. The pressure of the fingers helps to decongest the vessels blocked by toxins, fatigue or stress.

Facial weight training exercises allow for a complete facelift without spending money. They are at the origin of multiple benefits. They quickly eliminate fat deposits, they strengthen the link between the muscles and the skin, they improve the tone of the epidermis and they fluidify the circulation of the blood.


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